Disability Services

The rigorous academic environment in college often proves to be a challenge for students, particularly those with disabilities. Students at California Baptist University who have qualified disabilities and who wish to arrange the appropriate accommodations, in addition to the general academic support services coordinated by the Academic Resources Center, must identify themselves to the Coordinator of Disability Services.

Students with disabilities who wish to arrange appropriate accommodations must complete the request for services form and appropriate documentation.

Please be aware that California Baptist University does not have testing facilities to determine learning disabilities and can provide only limited specialized support. Students with disabilities who do not wish specialized accommodations do not need to submit any information.

Students who wish to disclose a disability or disabilities and request accommodations, must complete, sign, date, and submit the Request for Accommodations form along with the required documentation to the office listed below. Students are welcome to scan and e-mail, send by mail, or drop off forms to the DSS office.

Guidelines for Disability Documentation

For students with disabilities, the Disability Services Office arranges for reasonable and appropriate accommodations and support services. Along with a Request for Accommodations, the student must submit documentation that addresses disability, functional limitations, and appropriate accommodations. The following are general guidelines that are given to assist students and appropriate professionals in gathering information needed for the evaluation of accommodation request:

  1. Documentation must verify disability and describe how disability is currently limiting one or more major life activities.
  2. All testing and evaluations must be completed by appropriate and qualified licensed professionals.
  3. Documentation needs to be on official letterhead. All reports must be dated and signed, including signer’s credentials.
  4. All testing and evaluations must have been completed within three (3) years of request for accommodations.
  5. Current evidence to support the requested accommodations and/or academic adjustments must be included.
  6. Documentation must clearly substantiate the need for specific accommodations requests.
  7. Depending on specific disability, the Disability Services Office may request specific documentation not mentioned above. Contact the Disability Services Office (951) 343-2190 for specific questions.
  8. If submitted documentation is incomplete or insufficient, the University may request further documentation at the expense of the student.
  9. A school plan, such as an individual Education Program (IEP) or a 504 Plan, generally is insufficient documentation, but may be included as part of a more comprehensive assessment.
  10. Specific recommendations for accommodations and additional observations are helpful in determining appropriate services. Final determination of reasonable accommodations is made by the University.
Disability Student Services (DSS) Office
California Baptist University
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Coordinator of Disability Services
Kathryn Norwood, Ed.D

Disability Services

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