Academic Success Center

Mission Statement

The Academic Success Center (ASC) at California Baptist University aids in scholastic success through a student-oriented PROCESS of personal and group engagement. The ASC is perceptive and responsive to student needs, open to student ideas, cares about the advancement of each student, encourages student development, seeks to promote student growth, and shares in the accomplishments of each student.

P    perceptive to the needs, learning styles, and challenges of each student

R    responsive to the uniqueness of every student interaction

O    open to the ideas of students that may improve the services offered by the ASC

C    cares for and interacts with every student in the Spirit of love and patience

E    encourages scholarly student development across the curriculum

S    seeks to promote academic and intercultural growth

S    shares and celebrates the accomplishments of every student


Located in Lancer Arms 54

Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Contact Us

Front Desk
(951) 343-4349

Tutoring Resources


With Smarthinking, students experience online tutoring that is simple, fast and always available. Students connect to live educators from any computer that has Internet access, with no special software installation or equipment required.

The Smarthinking online tutorials link is available under the tools menu for courses hosted on Blackboard.

On-Campus Tutoring

The ASC provides twenty-five (25) and/or fifty (50) minute peer tutoring appointments in virtually every discipline offered by CBU. Appointments must be made no later than the close of business on the previous day of which the appointment is requested. Appointments may be made by calling the ASC Front Desk at (951) 343-4349 or coming to the office, which is located in room 54 of the Lancer Arms Building.

CBU Student Tutoring

All tutoring services for CBU students are cost free. In addition to standard appointments, the ASC offers walk-in tutoring, group tutoring, and may arrange online tutoring sessions. For walk-in hours and availability, or to acquire information on forming or joining a group tutoring session, please contact the ASC Front Desk. Online tutoring is available by appointment only and serves CBU undergraduate and graduate students at all campuses. Visual and auditory components may be available to enhance the online experience, but are not required. Contact the ASC for more information.

Community Tutoring

The ASC offers tutoring services to community students (elementary, junior high school, and local colleges) for a fee of $20.00 per fifty (50) minute appointment. Tutoring is provided by trained CBU students with proven excellence in their particular disciplines.

Please note that summer hours vary from those listed above.

Student Resources & On Campus Resources

The ASC provides academic support workshops over the course of the semester. Workshops include topics such as APA Style, Note Taking Strategies, and Exam Preparation. Advertisements are delivered via LancerMail and/or posted around campus. Students may sign up for workshops in advance by visiting the ASC in Lancer Arms 54, or by calling the ASC Front Desk at 951.343.4349, or by e-mailing Michael Osadchuk at .

Make-Up Exams

Make-up exams may be taken at the Academic Success Center (ASC), with the professor's permission, by setting up an appointment in advance to do so. Test Contracts may be obtained at the ASC office or by clicking on the link below. Test appointments may be made in person at the ASC office (Lancer Arms 54) or by phone at 951.343.4349. The fee for make-up exams is $5.00 may be waived when a student's absence is a result of mandatory participation in a university activity, (e.g. athletics, music, or speech and debate events).

The ASC also provides proctoring services for any CBU faculty needing assistance with exams in their class. Call 951.343.4775 for more information on this classroom support service.

How-to make up exams

The student requests permission to make-up an exam from the professor. If the professor approves the student's request, the student obtains a Test Contract.

The student completes the first section of the Test Contract form, and then delivers the form to the professor.

The professor completes the second section of the Test Contract form, attaches the exam, and then delivers the Test Contract and the exam to the ASC.

The student is responsible to follow up with the professor for submission of the form and exam to the ASC.

Once the form and exam have been received, the student is required to make an appointment with the ASC to take the exam.

After completing the exam, each professor or department secretary is responsible for picking up the completed exam from the ASC.