Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Studies

March 04, 2013 - By Sarah O'Keefe

With rising awareness of the importance of education in a child's first years, a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Studies can provide multiple career opportunities and serve as an investment in the lives of children.  

An online degree in Early Childhood Studies from CBU Online is an opportunity to take advantage of the innovative coursework that prepares students for careers both in and outside of the classroom. By focusing on early childhood studies as well as early childhood intervention, an Early Childhood Studies degree offers students the opportunity to engage in the lives of children in many ways. 

"We are now seeing how important early childhood is," said Dr. Cammy Purper, M.A. Early Childhood Studies. 

A push for increased education for early childhood educators and children alike has this field growing and in need of well-educated leaders.

By earning a bachelors in Early Childhood Studies online, students will be able to meet the new requirement for teaching within the Head Start program. According to the National Education Association's Education and Policy Department, by 2013 half of all Head Start teachers are required to have a bachelor's in Early Childhood Studies or a bachelor's degree with similar courses.  

Other areas of work that an online degree in Early Childhood Studies can lead include:

  • Working as the director of childcare facilities, education development, preschools and more
  • Designing curriculum for early childhood programs 
  • Being an Early Intervention Specialist
  • Teaching for preschool through third grade

CBU Online offers a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Studies as well as a master’s degree

An online bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Studies provides a unique opportunity for obtaining an education in a flexible and innovative setting. Coursework for this online degree is varied and takes an in-depth look at a child's developmental process through cognitive, social, emotional and perceptual-motor development. 

A bachelor's in Early Childhood Studies from CBU Online includes courses on children's literature, social and emotional development, behavior of children with disabilities, cross cultural perspectives, as well as language structure and more.

Studying to get a degree in Early Childhood Studies is a way to further your own education as well as the education of the next generation. 

Look into obtaining your bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Studies online through CBU Online, today.   

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