MBA can be applied to most careers

March 04, 2013 - By Sarah O'Keefe

There are few fields of study that can truly further a career in multiple work settings like how a Master's in Business Administration can. A strong understanding of business concepts is knowledge applicable in many workplaces.

“Sooner or later everyone needs business – no matter if you are a pastor, work for or own a non-profit, or are in the public or private sector, business concepts come into play,” said Jacob Avila, M.B.A.

With a Master's in Business Administration from CBU Online and Professional Studies, students learn from world class and professionally experienced faculty. Their experience provides practical insight that students gain real-world knowledge from and can apply in their current and future careers.

By obtaining a business administration masters degree from CBU students are meeting the need for well-equipped managerial leaders.

“There is always a need for business people in management,” said Avila.

Students who pursue their MBA through CBU Online can place their emphasis in general management. This emphasis allows online business management degree students the opportunity to gain knowledge in multiple areas, including: finance, management, leadership, business law, accounting, and more.

These areas of study extend beyond the online learning environment by preparing students to tackle various issues common in most any career, and especially those in leadership.

Completion of a Business Administration degree online or continuing with a Master in Business Administration helps to improve job prospects.

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council the 2012 MBA graduating glass has a current employment rate of 92 percent. This is the highest employment rate for an MBA class since 2003.

Not all of these graduates are exclusively in the business field. With a broad knowledge base and the in-depth insight an online Master’s in Business Administration provides, students can translate the concepts to many career fields.

Business concepts are part of many careers making Business Administration a relevant field of study in today’s academic, economic and professional worlds. 

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