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February 17, 2012 - By Mallory Poole

Careers in public administration include countless different areas of focus and interest, but they all share the general interest of serving the public. Whether you are established in your career and wish to advance on the same path or are pursuing a Master of Public Administration without a set plan of the career that you'll seek after graduation, it is always beneficial to learn about the career possibilities that an MPA degree offers. 

The Master of Public Administration is a degree that primarily has to do with some form of management and public service. The MPA degree is a very broad degree, but it typically will lead to a career in government (regional, local, state, or federal), a non-profit organization, or even the private sector. There are several different areas of concentration within the degree including but certainly not limited to criminal justice, budgeting and finance, education, human resources, and environment. One particular concentration that is a growing field today is health care management. An MPA degree will prepare those who are looking to go into a specific field to know how to properly manage, organize, and budget.

The career opportunities in the government that arise with an MPA degree range from working for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to the United States Postal Service (USPS). The variety of jobs in government and public administration are not limited. While many people who hold an MPA degree hold positions that focus on issues within their own city, state, or country, an MPA can also lead to careers that are more internationally focused. The types of jobs in public administration are certainly not limited to domestic interest.

With a specific interest in ethical behavior and sociological benefits, the MPA is concerned with much more than profit. The incorporation of critical thinking skills paired with the knowledge and ability to make plans and enforce policy will allow MPA graduates to succeed in being able and equipped public servants. Outside of working for the government, the MPA degree can provide the appropriate skill sets to work in the non-profit sector because most of the abilities and skills used in governmental work overlap with those implemented in non-profit work. 

CBU offers a uniquely interdisciplinary approach to the Master of Public Administration, giving students the opportunity to earn a broad education that will position them to have flexible careers in the future. The only thing that is constant in public service is change, so having an expansive base of knowledge will allow MPA graduates to adjust with the public service realm. Through CBU's Master of Public Administration online program, students will be able to pursue careers in whatever realm of public service they desire.

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