Top Sociology degree career choice includes Social Worker

February 19, 2013 - By Cesar Miranda

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the scientific study of human society, social behaviors and its origins, development, and social institutions. With a degree in Sociology, students will learn the foundations of behavioral science principles, deviant behavior, marriage and family, as well as different theories in various areas of Sociology. The bachelors in Sociology will help to enhance critical thinking skills and students practical applications, through real world scenarios. With a bachelors degree in Sociology one can help others to understand more about human social activity, different personalities, counseling, as well as behavioral problems. Our courses are offered to those who wish to start a career in Sociology, or those seeking to reach their professional and personal goals that may have been started, but never finished.

Sociology students will not only learn the foundations of Sociology, but also obtain a marketable set of skills employers today seek. Through CBU's Online and Professional Studies program, students will learn how to effectively integrate their faith, ethics, and Christian morals into the work-place. By completing an online bachelor's degree in Sociology, students will be recognized as excellent candidates for graduate programs in Sociology.


Career Highlight: Social Worker

Graduates of California Baptist University's Online and Professional Studies Sociology Bachelor’s Degree Program have the opportunity to live their purpose and pursue a career path in a variety of professions or pursue graduate studies. Amongst the Sociology degree path, one of its most prominent career choices includes becoming Social Worker. 

Social worker job descriptions can vary depending on position held and work can be a mix of routine tasks. There are 2 main types of social workers: direct-service social workers and clinical social workers. Direct-Service social workers tasks are geared more towards helping individuals solve or cope with problems that arise in their everyday life. Direct-service social workers help asses, plan, develop, and research to help improve challenges that clients may face. They also help refer clients to government agencies and resources such as Welfare, Medicare and Food stamps. Clinical social workers work usually takes place in hospitals or clinical institutions and it includes diagnosing and treating mental, behavioral, and emotional issues. Clinical social workers aid in providing therapy, developing treatment plans, helping clients adjust to the changes in their life, and evaluating progress.

Sociology graduates are in high demand, this demand is partially due to the large increase in health care needs of the baby boomer generation as well as considering factors such as child abuse, foster care and adoptive family increases. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics social worker job outlook is estimated to increase by 25% from 2010-2020. Social Worker average salary for direct-service and clinical social workers in 2010 ranged between $42,480-54,260.

Graduates looking to pursue a career as a social worker should exhibit the ability to asses client needs, keep thorough and accurate records, and express care and empathy in order to act as an advocate for clients. Social workers must have important qualities such as problem-solving, time-management, listening, and organizational skills.

Why CBU Online?

If you’re ready to advance your knowledge, skills and career, then CBU online is the place for you. California Baptist University’s Online and Professional Studies Degree Program is set to position students for employment in human and social service careers, and for graduate study in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology. With classes emphasizing on marriage and family, social problems, deviant behavior and sociology of aging, students will have the ability to explore many areas of Sociology. CBU’s online Sociology degree program covers a breadth of knowledge that confidently prepares students to pursue their professional goals. Blending a variety of courses, the program’s academically rigorous curriculum uniquely positions students to become educators while also providing a solid foundation for graduate studies.

With small, interactive classes, Bachelors in Sociology students receive individual attention from passionate instructors while also learning from the diverse experiences and perspectives of fellow students. The intimate learning environment encourages students to develop interpersonal and team-building skills, while also developing networks and supportive relationships. Emphasizing experiential learning through practical application of theory, Sociology coursework incorporates hands-on assignments based on real-world scenarios. 

The classes within the OPS Bachelors of Arts in Sociology  program are offered in one of three formats—a virtual hybrid format involving synchronous high definition online interactions, a residential hybrid format involving face-to-face interactions on the main campus or at one of our education centers, coupled with a significant online enhancement, and an asynchronous online format that allows students to work at their own pace—utilizing a convenient, accelerated schedule with the most current technology to support live interactions between students and faculty. These formats are designed for the working professional seeking an opportunity to take accelerated college courses while being able to complete their coursework around their own schedule.

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