What is Public Administration?

February 17, 2012 - By Mallory Poole

Public administration is a very wide subject and covers several different areas of interest. From a career in local, state, or federal government  to working for a non-profit organization, a master's degree in public administration will provide that extra edge to help you move forward in your career. 

For those considering pursuing a career in public administration, a desire to be a public servant is important due to the fact that the motivation behind most any job pertaining to public administration is just that - service to the public. Skills and attributes present in MPA students include such strengths and interests as organization, management, finance, and administration. The capacity to make decisions as well as the ability to be unbiased, ethical, and disciplined are necessary for success in this field. By integrating a Biblical Christian faith into all aspects of the university and the learning process, students are also given the opportunity to not only become well-rounded professionals in public administration, but also people who are living out their purpose.

With a master's degree in public administration, there are many different career paths to choose from. MPA students are given the opportunity to focus their studies on a large variety of different areas, such as public health, social work, city management, community development, criminal justice, education, non-profit, and many more. The MPA degree is an increasingly popular degree, and there is never a shortage of demand in the public sector as the population continues to grow. By earning your MPA degree online through CBU, you will be able to further your skills and advance your knowledge, in turn progressing in your career.

Public administration also offers flexibility in one's career. Because of the many different areas of focus within the program itself, those who earn their Master of Public Administration online at CBU can easily change career titles and transition their focus to another area of public service. A master of public administration is a very broad degree that can lead to countless different career paths.

In learning about public administration and its' many academic disciplines and focuses, students will become well-equipped to serve the many needs of society. A degree in public administration from California Baptist University's Online and Professional Studies will prepare students who are already working professionals to be versatile and well-rounded, providing the opportunity to move forward in their careers.

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