CBU Online faculty presentation and publication news

August 24, 2017

Dr. Dirk Davis, associate vice president for academics, and Dr. Kathryn Norwood, dean of assessment and accreditation, both for Online and Professional Studies, completed a four-part blog series, Advancing Assessment at California Baptist University. The Taskstream blog is aimed at assessment leaders in higher education across the United States. Davis and Norwood also presented at the Taskstream-TK-20 Interactive Conference in Austin, Texas, June 13. The presentation was titled Painting Change with Automated Assessment.

Dr. Jessica Alzen, adjunct professor of English for Online and Professional Studies, gave two presentations at the American Association of Physics Teachers annual conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, on July 25. The presentations were titled The Learning Assistant Model and DFW Rates in Introductory Physics Courses and Relationship between Learning Assistants and Persistence to Graduation.

Dr. Mary Ann Pearson, professor of public relations, and C.L. Lopez, adjunct professor of public relations, both for Online and Professional Studies, were the keynote speakers at Western Municipal Water Districts Summer Teacher workshop in Riverside on Aug. 3. Pearson shared research on personal branding for educators, and Lopez spoke about online visual resources for educators.

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