Public health job outlook

August 31, 2017 - Riverside, CA

What does a public health professional do?

Rather than treating disease or injury like medical professionals and first responders, public health professionals focus on the prevention of disease, injury and other community and global health concerns across disciplines. Public health professionals are also responsible for the organized effort to promote healthier communities and prolong life. The interdisciplinary approach to health covers epidemiology, biostatistics, behavioral science, environmental and occupational health, and health services along with other subfields.  

What are the Jobs and wages for public health majors?

Graduates of the online Bachelor of Science in Public Health and the Master of Public Health degree programs have the knowledge and skills to gain employment in the following fields:*

·        Program planning and evaluation.

·        Disaster preparedness—Entry level education bachelor’s degree ($70,500 Median pay per year).

·        Academic and applied research.

·        Epidemiologists –Entry level education master’s degree ($70, 820 Median wage per year).

·        Community health worker—Entry level education bachelor’s degree (37,330 Median wage per year).

·        Health educators—Entry level education bachelor’s degree ($ 44,390 Median wage per year).

Why major in public health?

The U.S. and global populations continuously face health threats from chronic conditions, infectious diseases, epidemics and risky behavior. These health risks result in the demand for ethical, innovative and effective health care leaders who can develop solutions and policy for a wide range of issues. The public health field is perfect for those who have the desire to improve the quality of life for their community and global communities through the prevention of health risks.

Online Bachelor of Science in Public Health

CBU Online’s Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree program was designed for the working professional. Students of the B.S. in Public Health degree program are provided with various resources to assist them through their academic journey. Students have access to 24/7 online tutoring, a Veteran Center, Career Center, state of the art library both on campus and online, and a One-Stop Student Advisor that assists students through the completion of their program. Classes start every 8 weeks with three semesters a year, which allows students to earn their degree sooner. Not only do students of CBU Online save time and money, students are also able to balance faith, family, and academic goals.  The Bachelor of Science in Public Health program requires the completion of 48-major units, which are completed on average in 16 months. Tuition for the 2017-2018 school year is $566 per unit, and the estimated major cost of the B.S. in Public Health is $27,000. Click here to start your 5 steps to enrollment for the online Bachelor of Science in Public Health.

Online Master of Public Health   

In addition to the student support and flexibility listed above, participants in the Master of Public Health online degree program will receive academically rigorous training and experience that takes a population-based perspective of wellness. The curriculum for the Master of Public Health degree program examines the relationships between the various dimensions of health and society. These include the effects related to: physical, environmental, psychological, social, economic and spiritual dimensions. The Master of Public Health also prepares students to sit for the nationally recognized credentialing examination in health education—Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) or Master CHES (professional experience required). These exams are offered by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing. CBU Online is a Christian University, which means graduates are challenged with the integration of Christianity and public health theory. Students leave the program with a foundation in Christian ethics.

The Master of Public Health degree program requires the completion of 44-major units, and 16-months is the average completion rate for students attending fulltime. Tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year is $853, and the estimated major cost is $38,000. Both the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs hold WASC accreditation, which means graduates can be positive that their degree will be recognized in academic and professional environments.   

Click here to start your five steps to enrollment. CBU Online and Professional Studies offers 40 accelerated degree programs. The online bachelors, masters, and doctorate programs prepare students to live their purpose. Courses begin every eight weeks and are offered online providing convenience and flexibility for students. Don’t let time hold you back from your education and career goals! To learn more, attend an online information session, call 877-228-5657, or email