Looking for an exciting career? Now enrolling for Criminal Justice

September 05, 2017 - Riverside, CA - By Dylan Hake

What is a Criminal Justice Degree?

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program is designed to teach students the basic principles of the criminal just system. Coursework is designed to prepare students to be effective and knowledgeable leaders who serve their communities with integrity. This is accomplished by teaching students how to develop, prepare and present reports on the principles of emergency management, history and philosophy of criminal justice in America, disaster preparedness, technology in the field of criminal justice data management, homeland security and foreign criminal justice operations in the United States.

The program is designed for individuals entering the field of criminal justice or veterans of the criminal justice system wanting to advance their careers. In addition to preparing students for various positions in the field of criminal justice, course work is rigorous to prepare students for graduate work in various programs focusing on public service. 

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What jobs can you get with a degree in Criminal Justice?

The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program prepares students to enter the field of law enforcement for local, private, state and federal agencies. CBU Online’s B.S. in Criminal Justice is recognized by various levels of law enforcement due to the program holding WASC accreditation. Click here for more information on accreditation.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Job Outlook 

Correctional Officers: 2016 Median pay $42,820 per year.

Police and Detectives: 2016 Median pay $61,600 per year.

Private Detectives and Investigators: 2016 Median pay $48,190 per year.

Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment Specialists: 2016 Median pay $50,160.

Security Guard and Gaming Surveillance Officers: 2016 Median pay $25,840 per year.

Degree Details: Time, Flexibility, Requirement and Cost

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program has an average completion time of 16 months. Classes are offered fully online and start every 8 weeks, which allows working professionals to maintain their careers, balance faith and family, while achieving their academic and professional goals. The program requires the completion of 48-major units. Admission requirements: 24 transferrable unites or a high school diploma/equivalent, and a minimum GPA of 2.0.

The B.S. in Criminal Justice degree program tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year is $566 per unit, and the estimated program cost is $27,000. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Click here to fill out the FAFSA and enter CBU’s school code, 001125.

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