Mark Kling is newly appointed Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at California Baptist University – Online & Professional Studies

May 25, 2012 - Riverside, CA

Mark Kling has been named Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at California Baptist University – Online and Professional Studies, effective April 2012.

Dr. Kling has worked for University of La Verne from 1999 – 2012, teaching courses in Political Administration. Since 1981, Mark has had 30 + years of practical law enforcement experience including Police Chief for the City of Baldwin Park, LA County, CA for about 5.5 years. He then moved to lead the Rialto Police Department, in San Bernardino County. He finished out his career at Rialto, completing a 30.5-year career. During, the last six months of his actual employment in Rialto, he was also the Interim City Administrator, or the City Manager. Kling will play a central role in the planning and building of the University's online offerings in Criminal Justice.

Dr. Kling received his B.A. degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and an M.P.A. and D.P.A. in Public Administration from University of La Verne. His research focused on the treatment of employees in the public sector, especially law enforcement, particularly female police officers by both their male counterparts and the organization.

His research was groundbreaking in the industry and examined medium sized police departments in LA County, California, which employed 100 officers or less. It included how to cultivate trust among police officers, regardless of gender, and how to build trust within the workforce.

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