Make your favorite coffee shop your office by becoming a freelance writer

February 04, 2019 - By Dallas Howe

Becoming a freelance writer is no small feat, however, the rewards for writing your own ideas can be endless. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that a bachelor’s degree is the usual requirement for a full-time writer. * The Bachelor of Arts in English online degree program offered by California Baptist University Division of Online and Professional Studies (CBU Online) is a flexible and affordable way for students to achieve the necessary skills and degree needed to become a freelance writers.

The B.A. in English degree program is offered fully online so students seeking to become freelance writers can earn their degree then start their career all from their own home. The Bachelor of Arts in English online degree program has a multitude of classes that equip students with critical writing skills, along with helping them develop research, analytical and critical thinking skill sets. The B.A. in English online program offers classes such as Language Structure and Acquisition (ENG 463) and Literary Theory and Criticism (ENG 401) to shape student’s understanding of language and writing.

The Bachelor of Arts in English online degree program has an average completion time of 16 months with a total of 48 major units. Financial support is available for qualifying students through financial aid and other financial support options. To learn about qualifying for financial support or other financial aid inquiries click here

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* Occupational Outlook Handbook: