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April 09, 2019 - Riverside, CA - By Sofia Eneqvist

The Role of Graphic Design and Digital Media Artists

For students considering a degree in Graphic Design and Digital Media, it is important to know the role designers play in the workforce. Graphic Design and Digital Media artists create visual concepts and use their creativity to captivate consumers.

What do graphic designers do?

A career in graphic design is developed through learning the fundamentals of design, drawing, digital imaging and using design software. The work of graphic designers generally includes creating brand assets and visual concepts for different types of business. They must also be able to create engaging print and digital materials, includes flyers, brochures, advertisements, products and other mediums.

What do Digital Media Designers do?

Digital Media work can consist of screenwriting, video editing and production, and motion graphics. Their work consists mostly of website design, creating online content and working with mobile applications. It is important that digital designers are able to effectively communicate and express their ideas and concepts through digital mediums.

What jobs are available for graphic design and digital media majors?

Both fields require designers to apply techniques and skills to solve design problems that arise throughout the creative process. Acquiring a degree in graphic design and digital media can lead you to become a graphic designer, creative director, production artist, art director, marketing specialist, multimedia artist or a freelance artist. All of these careers involve using imagination and passion to bring alive your ideas and designs.

What skills do graphic design and digital media careers require? need?

These top 5 skills will help to prepare you for a career in Graphic Design and Digital Media.

Top Skills

Skills Learned in Program

Courses Offered


Designing and completing a Capstone project

GDM 499


Composition and Intermediate Composition



Time Management

Keeping track of assignments and managing pace

Implemented throughout all courses


Adobe InDesign 

GDM120, GDM320, GDM420


Photoshop, Illustrator, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, WordPress, Ghost

GDM130, GDM330, GDM430, GDM110, GDM310, GDM410, GDM140, GDM340, GDM440

Where is a good place to start?

These skills can be obtained through CBU Online’s Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Digital Mediadegree program. CBU Online’s Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Digital Media degree program is a 48-unit major that takes an average 16 months to complete. Students in the program will learn how to integrate business concepts related to the graphic design industry and apply techniques of professional presentation and promotion.

Financial Aid and other financial support options are available to students that qualify. For more information about financial support options click here.   

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