Looking for a Career in Computer Information Technology?

April 15, 2019 - By Sofia Eneqvist

What Can You Do with a Degree in Computer Information Technology?

What is Computer Information Technology?

Computer Information Technology (CIT) is the use and study of computers, networks, computer languages and databases. Computer Information Technology professionals must have the ability to solve problems and manage all things computer driven. Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Technology online degree program at CBU Online will study and work with various information systems, which include web application development, computer and network security, system analysis and design, business networking and E-Commerce systems development.

What jobs are available for Computer Information Technology?

The top four jobs for someone with a degree in Computer Information Technology are:

Data Scientists: A career that is in high demand, data scientists are responsible for helping companies break down large amounts of information and turn it into applicable information for companies.

Software Engineers and Developers: Software engineers require strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They work to create software and systems for a company and are skilled in various programming languages.

Computer Systems Analysts: In this field, analysts use computer technology to improve a company’s system to insure it is cost efficient and serving the business well. They are responsible for researching and evaluating new programs and ways to improve their systems. In addition, computer systems analysts are responsible for designing and developing data processing computer systems in the work place.

Network and Computer Systems Administrator: Computer systems administrators are responsible for maintaining an organization’s workflow. They ensure proper function and manage telecommunication networks. Administrators also make updates to a company’s equipment and software.

Acquiring a degree in Computer Information Technology may lead you to work in various other fields including, computer programming, mathematics and computer science, and date entry and microcomputer application. Students considering a job in the CIT field should be enthusiastic and creative when working with new technology.

What skills do you need for a career in the field of Computer Information Technology?

Top Skills

Skills Learned in Program

Courses Offered in BS in CIT


C++ language



wireless networking, network operating systems, network security, and network management.

 CIT380, CIT5460, CIT465


Composition and Intermediate Composition



Time Management

Keeping track of assignments and managing pace

Implemented throughout all courses


Where is a good place to start?

These skills can be obtained through CBU Online’s Bachelor Of Science In Computer Information Technology degree program. CBU Online’s Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Technology degree program is a 48-unit major that takes an average 16 months to complete. Students in the program will be equipped with the strategic and organizational skills necessary to succeed in the growing field of computer information technology.

Financial Aid and other financial support options are available to students that qualify. For more information about financial support options click here.   

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