Interested in a Career in Public Health?

April 15, 2019 - Riverside, CA - By Sofia Eneqvist

What Can You Do with a Degree in Public Health?

CBU Online offers the Bachelor of Science in Public Health online degree program that prepares students to enter exciting and fulfilling careers in Public Health.

What is Public Health?

Public health is the branch of medicine that deals with protecting and improving the health of people and their communities. They work to prevent diseases, improve hygiene and educate others about health.

Why should you pursue a degree in Public Health?

You should pursue a degree in public health if any of the following apply to you:

·       You like to solve problems

·       You want to help people

·       You like to earn new things daily

·       You want to strengthen your research skills

·       You wish to enact change

·       You want to promote health in the lives of others

What can you do with a degree in Public Health?

The top five jobs for someone with a degree in Public Health are:

Health and Safety Engineer:Health and safety engineers can work in scientific, technical, construction or government fields. Their job is to design systems and methods to keep the work place safe and employees free from harm. They are required to be critical thinkers, creative and observational. It is their responsibility to identify hazards, ensure safety, make sure employees are following safety regulations and respond to accidents.

Environmental Scientists:The job of an environmental scientist is to protect the health of humans and the environment. This is most commonly done by land reclamation after an environmental tragedy or pollution. A part of their job is to collect and analyze data, which they then share with the government or businesses for future land development or restoration. Environmental scientists are generally employed by the government or work as consultants.

Healthcare Administrator:Healthcare Administrators are responsible for directing and coordinating health services for a clinic or group of physicians. They work to improve the quality and efficiency of a workplace, while also representing their branch at board meetings. Administrators generally work in clinics, nursing homes or hospitals.

Biostatistician:Biostatisticians most commonly work in government, healthcare, research or development fields. They are responsible for collecting data for public health research. Biostatisticians also analyze, interpret and organize data, and create reports. They are a vital part of any public health team.

Epidemiologist:Epidemiologists study the movement of diseases through a population. They conduct research on the cause and effects of diseases, limit negative health outcomes and analyze data. They investigate the rate of diseases and work to prevent future epidemics. A strong skill needed by epidemiologists is communicating results to colleagues, the public and board members.

Other career paths involving a degree in Public Health include dietitian and nutritionist, emergency management specialist, health educators and community health workers, microbiologist, occupational health and safety specialist, public health nurse, and social and community service manager.

What skills are needed for a degree in Public Health?

1.     Communication: Strong written and oral communication skills are highly sought after by employers.

2.     Problem solving: Finding the most effective and efficient way to handle an issue. Being able to tackle a challenge and find the best solution.

3.     Team work: Working collaboratively with others to find results and process data.

4.     Passion for helping others: Being concerned with the needs of others, wanting to make their lives better.

5.     Strong work ethic: A drive for improving people’s health and the perseverance to get through projects or tasks.

6.     Technological: The ability to work well with technology and adapt with new technological advancements. Being able to use technology to analyze and generate new data.

Where is a good place to start?

These skills can be obtained through the completion of CBU Online’s Bachelor Of Science in Public Healthdegree program. CBU Online’s Bachelor of Science in Public Health degree program is a 48-unit major that takes an average 16 months to complete. Students in the program will learn how to advance professionally as effective, innovative and ethical health care leaders. The goal of the program is to help students establish a passion for changing lives locally, nationally and globally.

Financial Aid and other financial support options are available to students that qualify. For more information about financial support options click here.   

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