Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree online

June 21, 2019 - Riverside, CA

The online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program is a versatile degree with a wide range of different career paths that become available, one of the main careers being teaching. This degree program provides a well-rounded and multidisciplinary foundation that reflects today’s multicultural society. In this degree program, students will develop critical thinking, communication, analytical and many other valuable skills that will help them further their career performance.

What jobs are available to those holding a BA in Liberal Studies?

  •         Elementary and Middle School Teachers
  •         Managers
  •         Lawyers and Judges
  •         Postsecondary Teachers
  •         Education Administrators
  •         Registered Nurses
  •         Social Workers
  •         Accountants and Auditors
  •         Secondary School Teachers 

What are some important skills to have with a BA in Liberal Studies Degree?

There are many things a person with this degree will need to be skilled at, but two of the most important ones are;

            -Communication: Being able to thoroughly communicate with someone that

                                          is a part of your job will help both people succeed in their


            -Critical Thinking: When a problem or situation arises at work, being able

                                          to solve it with the best of your ability is a great way to 

                                          advance in your career. 

Important Information about the CBU Online BA in Liberal Studies Degree Program

This fully online degree program has 49 required major units. Students complete this degree program in an average of 18 months. The BA in Liberal Studies is accredited by WASC, Western Association of Schools and Colleges. To be admitted into this program, students need a minimum GPA of 2.0.

If you are interested in the fully online Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree program, apply now to CBU Online and start your lifelong career today!

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