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CBU Online Ranks for Online Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education

December 04, 2019 - By Skyler Zahn

In a recent article written by Intelligent.com, CBU Online was ranked 24th out of 60 other colleges for the best online Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies degree program. For a college to be ranked on this list, they looked at the following information; nonprofit, accreditation, fully online, program strength, online readiness and much more.

What is CBU Online’s Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies Degree Program?

The CBU Online Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies program focuses on building a foundation of understanding on the growth and development of young children in terms of cognitive, social, emotional and perceptual-motor development. This program is designed to prepare program participants to work with non-disabled and disabled children, zero to eight years of age in diverse learning environments. The B.A. in Early Childhood Studies degree program will also open the door to many other possible careers like leaders in early intervention, leaders in research, and many more.

More about the Degree Program

  • 48 required major units
  • An average completion of 16 months
  • WASC accreditation
  • Fully online course format

Submit your application here for the Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Studies online degree program.

If you would like to learn more about CBU Online and its programs, you can request information here, or contact an admissions counselor by calling 877-228-5657 or emailing us at cbuonline@calbaptist.edu.