CBU Online Faculty Presentation and Publication, Winter 2020

January 22, 2020 - Riverside, CA

Dr. Robert Crosby, associate professor of psychology for Online and Professional Studies, published a lab manual to help online and hybrid students learn statistics using statistical package for the social sciences. It is titled IBM SPSS Statistics Lab Manual for the Behavioral Sciences (Kendall Hunt, 2020).

CBU Online offers a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree program to equip graduates for employment in human and social service careers, and for graduate study in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, and Anthropology. Students emerge from the online bachelor’s degree in psychology equipped with important skills including the ability to assess client needs, keep thorough and accurate records, and express care and empathy in order to act as an advocate for clients. 

Coursework in the online Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology includes Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Robert Crosby is a professor for this course. The course is an introduction to descriptive statistics and probability, probability distributions, estimation, tests of hypotheses, chi-square tests, regression analysis, and correlation with applications in the behavioral sciences. Course emphasizes selection, application, and interpretation of appropriate statistical tests. The course includes laboratory applications of statistical software to behavioral science data.

Dr. Gretchen Bartels, associate professor of English for Online and Professional Studies, presented a paper at the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association’s annual conference in San Diego on Nov. 15. It was titled Besides, I am particularly fond of muffins: Social (Dis)Connection and Tea Time in “The Importance of Being Earnest.

CBU Online offers an online Bachelor of Arts in English degree program. The bachelor’s in English prepares students to be well rounded and well-versed in writing and evaluating literature. English majors develop skills in critical thinking, analyzing questions, and formulating well thought out responses. An English degree is one of the most versatile, foundational programs, useful in private and public sector job applications.

The online Bachelor of Arts in English completes with a Capstone Project. This three unit senior capstone project serves to assess the subject matter competence of the English major and the Single Subject Program candidate, often led by Dr. Gretchen Bartels.

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