Spotlight Series: Merritt Robinson, Dean of Enrollment

December 16, 2021 - By Lauren Rios

At CBU Online, you are not just a number, or another student lost in the academic shuffle. We have a staff of seasoned professionals equipped to help guide you on your academic journey whether you are looking to make a splash in the current job market or advance in your career.

A familiar face at CBU Online is Merritt Robinson, Dean of Enrollment Services. He brings over 25 years of experience in business to the team and credits his success in the field to helping students reach their academic goals.

Robinson attended Rice University and earned his degree in Managerial Studies. During his time in college, he played football and baseball, where he lettered in both sports. Robinson took the life lessons he learned on the field and applied them throughout his career and in his role with CBU Online.

“I take that team sports mentality and bring it into work with me every day,” said Robinson. “At CBU Online, we have the approach that we are doing our parts collectively as one unit. We need to work hard, smart and efficiently so we can best service our students.”

Upon graduating, Robinson entered the workforce ready to fuel his passion for working with people and utilizing his skillset to help major companies sell products to consumers. He started his career at the reputable Hershey Food Corporation, where he managed accounts at various well - known grocery retailers, along with creating and implementing sales plans to drive revenue.

Robinson says there are key skills a person needs to be successful in the field of sales. “It is important in sales to be a good listener and ask really good questions, which is directly related to what we do here at CBU,” said Robinson. “We are able to listen, ask questions and have that exchange to get to know someone so we can better meet their needs.”

Robinson began his career at CBU Online in the Admissions department and has worked in various roles for the last 11 years. When describing the Lancer Nation experience to potential students, he speaks of the personal connection students receive and the opportunities they have within the degree programs.

“At CBU Online we have wonderful programs. You get the spiritual engagement and you also get to learn from the very best,” said Robinson. “You are supported in whatever degree you choose to pursue. You can take those skills learned from CBU Online and apply them to your current or future place of employment.”

In the sales and marketing field, it is important that students seek out internships to sharpen their skills to prepare them for the workforce after graduation. The Career Center at CBU is an excellent resource for students who are actively seeking out internships.

“I’m a big believer in internships. Once you take an internship, you can ask yourself, ‘is this something I want to do?’ and find something that you are truly going to enjoy,” said Robinson. “You want to find a place that you can set roots and give your time and talent to.”

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in the exciting field of business with CBU Online please visit this link, or reach out to cbuonline@calbaptist.eduto see how you can get started on your own academic journey today.