Bochi McKinney

Bochi McKinney, DrPH

Director of Practice Experience/Assistant Professor of Public Health/Director of Masters in Public Health/Distinguished Scholar of the Year 2017

Office Phone: (951) 343-2177
Email: omckinney@calbaptist.edu
Department: Health Science
Office Location: Tyler Plaza
Office Hours: By Appointment


Degree Major Emphasis Institution Date
DrPH Health Education & Epidemiology Loma Linda University 2014
MPH Community Health Education California State University Long Beach 2010
MPA Public Policy and Administration California State University Long Beach 2009
BA African Studies California State University Long Beach 2007

Additional Education

Public Sector Employer-Employee Relations & Personnel Management Certificate CSULB, 2007

Postdoctoral Fellowship in HIV Research-American Psychological Association (APA), July 2015-July 2017.

Certified DR Chaplain-SBDR/NAMB, 2017

Certified Mental Health Aid, 2018

Bleeding Control Basic V. 1.0 Course, 2018

Classes Taught

HSC 305: Epidemiology

HSC 540: Principles and Methods of Epidemiology

STA 144:  Introduction to Statistics

STA 513:  Applied Statistics 

STA 544:  Biostatistics

MPA 560: Statistical Analysis for Public Administration

HSC 480: Research Methods

HSC 590: Research Methods

KIN 570:  Research Methods

KIN 300:  Nutrition Science

HSC 320: Public Health Nutrition and Physical Activity

HSC 312: Introduction to Environmental and Occupational Health

HSC 502: Environmental and Occupational Health

Academic Areas / Scholarly Interests

Global HIV/AIDS/Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)

Food Security/Nutrition

Infectious and Emergent Diseases

Maternal and Child Health/Women's Health/Health Disparities

Mental/Psychosocial Health

Religion and Health

Teaching Experience at Institutions Other than CBU

Trident University International

Introduction to Health Statistics

Topics in Health Care Policy


Loma Linda University

Nutrition and Biology, Advanced Data Analysis, Intermediate Statistics, Application to SPSS

Research, Presentations, and Publications


McKinney, O., Banta, J., Garrett, L. & Mukaire, P.

McKinney, O.,Pearce, D., Banta, J., Mataya, R., Muula, A., Crounse, J., Mukaire, P., & Matipwiri, P. (2016). Evaluation of Pill Counts Adherence with Self-Reported Adherence in Assessing Antiretroviral Therapy Behavior of Women living with HIV at a Faith-based Clinic in Malawi. HIV: Current Research 1:13.

McKinney, O.Modeste, N., Lee, J., & Gleason, P. (2015). Predicting Malawian Women’s Intention to Adhere to Antiretroviral Therapy.  Journalof Public Health Research4:533, 8 pages, doi: 10.4081/jphr.2015.533

Mckinney, O., Modeste, N., Lee, J., Gleason, P., & Maynard-Tucker, G. (2014). Determinants of antiretroviral therapy adherence among women in southern Malawi: Healthcare providers’ perspectives.  AIDS Research and Treatment, vol. 2014, Article ID 489370, 9 pages, doi:10.1155/2014/489370  

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McKinney, O. (2014). Predicting Antiretroviral Medication Adherence of Malawian Women. Loma Linda University. 



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Mukaire, P., McKinney, O, &Sturz, D. (2018). Identifying and addressing the community health knowledge needs of a Hispanic community in Southern California. APHA Conference, San Diego, CA.

McKinney O., Mukaire, P., & Garrett, L. (2017). Disability and Mental Health Status as Barriers to Food Security among California Residents. Seventh International Conference on Food Studies and Food Studies Research. Rome, Italy.

Mukaire, P. & McKinney O. (2017). Food Availability, Access and Variety among Mothers with Children Under 24 Months in Rural Uganda. Seventh International Conference on Food Studies and Food Studies Research. Rome, Italy.

Mukaire, P. Frais, J., Anyikwa, P., & McKinney O. (2017). Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Ebola Disease among Secondary School Students in Busoga, Uganda. APHA, Atlanta, GA.

McKinney, O. & Sturz, D. (2016).  Factors Associated with the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: African Immigrants’ Perceptions. American Public Health Association. Denver, CO. 

McKinney, OSturz, D. & Mukaire, P. (2016).  Effectiveness of the Medical Response Teams to the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: African Immigrants’ Perceptions. U.S Conference on African Immigrant and Refuges Health, New York, NY. 

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McKinney, O. Modeste, N., Lee, J., Pearce, D., & Muula, A. (2015).  Antiretroviral Adherence Behavior among Reproductive Age Malawian Women. 143rd APHA Conference, Chicago, IL.

McKinney, O., Modeste, N., Lee, J., Gleason, P., & Maynard-Tucker, G. (2014).  Antiretroviral therapy adherence determinants of women in southern Malawi: Healthcare providers’ perspectives.142nd APHA Conference, New Orleans, LA.

McKinney, O.,Modeste, N., Lee, J., Gleason, P., & Maynard-Tucker, G. (2014). Examining the Impact of Food Access and Medication Side Effects on Intentions to Adhere to Antiretroviral Therapy. Southern California Public Health Association (SCPHA) Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA.

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McKinney, O. (2006). HIV/AIDS and its implications on Healthcare Delivery in Sierra Leone. White Paper. Model United Nations-Georgetown University, Washington DC.

McKinney, O. (2006). Youth in Conflict and HIV/AIDS in Sierra Leone. White Paper. Model United Nations-Georgetown University, Washington D.C.



McKinney, O. (2018).  Comparison Analysis of Macedonian Healthcare System to the U.S. Tetovo Hospital, Tetovo, Macedonia.

McKinney, O. (2017). Vaccines Preventable Diseases. Mercy Medical Center, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

McKinney, O. (2017). College preparation, possible health majors and future careers. Mission Middle School, Riverside, CA.

McKinney, O. (2014). Advancement in Treatment of HIV/AIDS. Sherman Indian High School, Riverside, CA

McKinney, O. & Matipwiri, P. (2013). Approach to Wellness from the Spiritual, Social, Environmental, Emotional, and Physical. Dedza SDA Church, Dedza, Malawi.

McKinney, O. (2013). Stigma Associated with HIV/AIDS.  Sherman Indian High School, Riverside, CA

McKinney, O. (2013). Impact of HIV/AIDS on Minority Population and the Significance of Testing. Compton Community SDA Church. Compton, CA. 

Church Membership / Activities

Magnolia Baptist Church

  • Worship and Priase Choir
  • Decision Counselor
  • Life Skills Committee Board Member
  • VBS Mission Teacher
  • Global Ministry Team (GMT) Board Member/Chairperson
  • Young Adults (20s-30s) Life Group Teacher/Leader

Community Service / Involvement

World Vision

Child Ambassador (June 2017-present)


American Public Health Association (APHA)

Reviewer of abstracts (current)


Loma Linda University Alumni Relations

Career Mentor (2016-present)


Southern California Public Health Association (SCPHA)

Membership/Section Development Director (2014-2016)


Bio Accent Journal

Editorial Board Member (2014-2017)

Review Manuscripts


Consulate of Mexico, San Bernardino, CA

Program Planner/Health Educator (2011-2013)

  • Ventanilla de Salud in conjunction with Loma Linda University


Congressman Joe Baca's Youth Motivation Campaign

Youth Educator/Motivational Speaker (2012)


U.S Department of Veteran Affairs, Long Beach, CA

Medical Researcher (2004-2006)


Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Long Beach, CA

Emergency Preparedness Volunteer (2009)

Interests / Hobbies / Travel / Family

  • “You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same time you carry them with you in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you do not just live in a world but a world lives in you.” Frederick Buechner
  • “To understand your parents’ love, you must raise children yourself.” Chinese proverb


Personal Quote / Scripture / Philosophy of Education

"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." Proverb 31:25

"For by Thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall." Psalm 18:29

"For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more." Luke 12:48


A healthy world begins with one healthy individual at a time, let's advocate for world health!

If your dreams do not scare you, you are not dreaming big enough!