Henry Petersen

Henry Petersen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Business Administration

Office Phone: (951) 343-2457
Email: hpetersen@calbaptist.edu
Department: Business
Office Location: Tyler Plaza
Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:00AM-3:00PM AND Thursdays 10:00am-1:00pm


Degree Major Emphasis Institution Date
Ph.D Strategy and Sustainability University of Calgary, Canada 2004
M.Sc. Energy and Environmental Management University of Calgary, Canada 1999
B.Sc. Cellular, Molecular, Microbial Biology and Zoology University of Calgary, Canada 1993

Additional Education

  • 2014 Online Teaching Certification, University of Wisconsin MBA Consortium, Wisconsin, USA
  • 2006 Master Teacher Certification for Higher Education, Georgia State Master Teacher Program, Atlanta, USA
  • 2003 Teaching Certificate for Higher Education, University of Calgary, Canada
  • 1995 Technician Certification for Plasma Generators, Scientific Utilization Inc., Alabama, USA
  • 1993 Master Electrical License, Alberta Labor Board, Canada
  • 1987 Journeyman Electrical Certification, Alberta Labor Board, Canada

Classes Taught

CIS 270 Business IT Application

Academic Areas / Scholarly Interests

Corporate Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, and Corporate Governance

Teaching Experience at Institutions Other than CBU

University of Wisconsin - MBA Consortium, Extension, and La Crosse Campus

  • Corporate Strategy, Advanced Applied Business Sustainability, Principles of Sustainability, Business, Labour and Human Rights, Organizational Behavior

Alliant International University

  • Corporate Strategy, Advanced Research Methods in Strategy, Social Entrepreneurship

Seattle Pacific University

  • Corporate Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Cross-cultural Leadership

Bainbridge Graduate Institute (guest)

  • Responsible Capitalism: Renewable Energy

University of Calgary at CENTRUM, Peru (guest)

  • Sustainable Development Strategies

Research, Presentations, and Publications

  • Franklin, D., H.L.Petersen, and J. Kraemer (Under Review 2017). Board of Directors, Diversity and Turnover. Journal of Management & Governance
  • Lemke, Fred, and Henry L. Petersen, Managing Reputational Risks in Supply Chains, in Yacob Khojasteh (Ed), Supply Chain Risk Management: Advanced Tools, Models and Developments. Springer. (In Print, 2017)
  • Panzone, L., F. Lemke, & Petersen, Henry L. (2016) A Framework to Understand Consumer’s Assessment of Causality of Environmental Damage in Food Chains. Technological Forecasting & Social Change, 111, 327-337
  • Lemke, F., Petersen, H. (2016). 2016: The Year Business Goes Sustainable. Blue and Green Tomorrow. (Published: February 1, 2016) http://blueandgreentomorrow.com/features/2016-the-year-business-goes-sustainable/
  • Petersen, Henry L., & Lemke, Fred. (2015). Mitigating reputational risks in supply chains. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 20(5), 495-510
  • Lemke, Fred, & Petersen, Henry L. (2013). Teaching reputational risk management in the supply chain. Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 18(4), 413-429
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  • Petersen, Henry L. (2013). Institutional Investors. In S. Idowu, N. Capaldi, L. Zu & A. Gupta (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Corporate Social Responsibility (pp. 1429-1433): Springer Berlin Heidelberg. ISBN 978-3-642-28087-0
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  • Franz, Randal S., & Petersen, Henry L. (2012). Role of business: a portfolio model of corporate social responsibility. Journal of Global Responsibility, 3(1), 83-110
  • Innovation in Sustainable Management: Crisis = Opportunity. In San Diego Business Journal June 7-13, 2010 Vol 31(23): A30. With D. Bainbridge and J. Roney
  • Petersen, Henry L., & Vredenburg, Harrie. (2009). Morals or Economics? Institutional Investor Preferences for Corporate Social Responsibility. Journal of Business Ethics, 90(1), 1-14. Impact factor 1.326
  • Petersen, Henry, & Vredenburg, Harrie. (2009). Corporate governance, social responsibility and capital markets: exploring the institutional investor mental model. Corporate Governance, 9(5), 610-622. Highly Commended Award 2010 Emerald?Literati Network
  • Kierulff, Herbert, & Petersen, Henry L. (2009). Finance is everything: advice from turnaround managers. Journal of Business Strategy, 30(6), 44-51. doi: 10.1108/02756660911003112
  • Petersen, Henry L., Escobar, Luis Fernando, Espinoza, Juan Leonardo, & Vredenburg, Harrie. (2006). Financing Technological Improvements and Firm Competitive Advantage Through the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM): A Latin American Example. Latin American Business Review, 6(4), 23-43. doi: 10.1300/J140v06n04_02
  • Petersen, H.L. (2003). Flaring: Health and Environmental Risks. Case study. Copyright, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Petersen, H.L. (2002). TransAlta can achieve zero net emissions by 2024. Case study. Copyright, Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada


  • 2016. “A Responsible Service Dominant Logic.” Paper presented at the International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing. Toulouse, France. With F. Lemke
  • 2014. “The Role of Reputation in Consumer Assessment of Socially Irresponsible Behaviour in Food Chains: Lessons for Customer Management.” Paper presented at the International Colloquium in Relationship Marketing. Newcastle, UK. With L. Panzone and F. Lemke
  • 2013. “Consumer’s perception of sustainable products and services: opportunities for a service based business model.” Distinguished Guest Speaker, University of Newcastle, UK
  • 2013. “Managing customer relationships in modern society: understanding sustainable products and sustainable consumption.” Paper presented at the International Colloquium in relationship Marketing. Rennes, France. With F. Lemke
  • 2013. “Supply chain risks: How supplier behavior impacts corporate reputation and what do to about it.” Paper presented at the International Association for Business in Society annual meeting. Portland, OR, USA. With F. Lemke
  • 2011. “360 CSR: Responsibility is in the eye of the beholder.” Paper presented at the Academic Conference on Social Responsibility: Perceptions and Reality. University of Washington, Tacoma, Washington, USA. With R. Franz
  • 2010. “Stakeholder Theory and Social Capital: The building of an Ecosystem.” Paper presented at the International Association of Business in Society Annual Conference. Banff, Canada. With Dr. L. Escobar and Dr. J. Espinoza
  • 2010. Keynote speaker, Sustainable Urban Landscape Conference, Cuyamaca College, San Diego, California, USA
  • 2009. Panelist, San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership, Annual Breakfast, California, USA
  • 2007. “Social responsibility is in the eye of the beholder: a cognitive and subjective approach to CSR.” Paper presented at the European Academy of Business in Society. ESADE, Spain. With R. Franz
  • 2007. “Role Expectations for Business: Implications for Social Responsibility.” Paper presented at CBFA, Washington, USA. With R. Franz
  • 2006. “360° CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility is in the Eye of the Beholder.” Paper presented at the European Academy of Business in Society, SDA Bocconi University, Italy. With R. Franz
  • 2006. “ISO certification in Latin America: Transparency enhanced regulatory enforcement and strategic advantage.” Paper presented at the conference “Business ethics in the corporate governance era,” Seattle University, Washington, USA
  • 2005. “Cross Cultural Leadership: Can the expatriate manager improve performance across a cultural divide?” Paper presented at the Western Academy of Management Conference, Las Vegas, USA
  • 2004. “The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies on Institutional Investors.” Paper presented at the Strategic Management Society Conference in Puerto Rico, USA. With H. Vredenburg
  • 2003. “Climate Change in Latin America: An Opportunity for Competitive Advantage.” Paper presented at the Strategic Management Society Conference. Argentina. With L.F. Escobar, J.L. Espinoza, and H. Vredenburg
  • 2003. “Cognitive Modeling of Corporate Social Responsibility.” Presentation given at the TC-IRIS Colloquium Workshop, University of Calgary, Canada.
  • 2000. “Climate Change.” Presentation given for participants of the Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE) workshop. University of Calgary, Canada 

Church Membership / Activities

Shadow Mountain Community Church

Community Service / Involvement

  • 2015-2017, Advisor to the La Crosse Wellness Center (G2G Inc.) 
  • 2013-2015, Volunteer, Court Appointed Special Advocate, YWCA CASA program La Crosse, WI. Serve the Court in monitoring the children in cases where the state has intervened
  • 2010-2013, San Diego Corporate Social Responsibility Roundtable, USA. Member. Participated within a group of 25 leading corporations vested in social responsibility
  • 2010-2013, Clean Tech Open. USA. Mentor and Sustainability Specialist. Participated as a mentor for two competing firms
  • 2010-2011, CreoCore International, San Diego, USA. Director. Non profit organization providing micro-financing to individuals in Mali, Africa
  • 2009-2012, CONNECT, San Diego, USA. Domain Expert
  • 2007-2009, World Affairs Council of Seattle. Member and Institutional Representative
  • 2006-2008 Chair, Academic and Philanthropic Committee, Canada-America Society of Seattle, WA. Served to assess and award scholarships as well as serve on the Board of the Canada America Society
  • 2005-06 Coach, Silver Lake Soccer Association, WA
  • 2003-04 Assistant Coach, Silver Lake Soccer Association, WA
  • 1999-2003 Board Member, Youth and College & Career Chair, Thornhill Baptist Church, Calgary, Canada. Led Youth Ministry for 4 years
  • 1998 Member of Fundeca, Ecuador. Participated with an organization that arranged medical tours through the Amazonian region
  • 1995-1997 Night Leader, Mustard Seed Street Ministry, Calgary, Canada. Led a team of 25 volunteers to serve the homeless with food and shelter one evening a week