Pamela  Mukaire

Pamela Mukaire, DrPH

Assistant Professor of Public Health

Office Phone: (951) 343-3900
Email: pmukaire@calbaptist.edu
Department: Health Science
Office Location: Tyler Plaza
Office Hours: M/T 8:00AM - 12:00PM by appointment


Degree Major Emphasis Institution Date
Dr.PH Maternal and Child Health Loma Linda University 2014
MPH Community Health Education University of Wisconsin, La Crosse 2010
MEd Educational Leadership and Policy University of Vermont, Burlington 2005
P.G.D.E Post Graduate Diploma in Education Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda 2003
BA English and Literature Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda 2002

Classes Taught

HSC 522: Social and Behavioral Sciences Applied to Health

KIN 302: Contemporary Health Issues

HSC 301: Principles of Health Education

Academic Areas / Scholarly Interests

Maternal and Child Nutrient

Gender and food security

HIV and other co-morbidities

Community/clinical chronic disease management and prevention

Disability and pregnancy outcomes

Teaching Experience at Institutions Other than CBU

Jackson State University

  • PHBS 716: Social and Cognitive Basis of Behavior
  • PHS 534: Communication and Health Education Marketing

Liberty University

  • HLTH 698 - Public Health Practicum
  • HLTH 633 - Health Program Evaluation
  • HLTH 632 - Health Program Planning
  • HLTH 630 - Principles of Community Health
  • HLTH 623 - Culture and Health
  • HLTH 622 - Primary Health Care in Developing Countries
  • HLTH 453 - Program Planning and Evaluation in Health Education
  • HLTH 400 - Contemporary Health Issues
  • HLTH 301 - Principles of Health Education
  • HLTH 252 - Drugs in Society

Loma Linda University

  • GLBH 607: Principles of Global Maternal and Child Health
  • GLBH 605: Seminar in Global Health
  • GLBH 550: Women in Development
  • GLBH 516: HIV/AIDS: Implications for Public Health

Research, Presentations, and Publications


Banta, J., Mukaire, PE, & Haviland MG. (2014). Binge drinking by gender and race/ethnicity among California adults, 2007/2009.Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2014 Mar; 40 (2):95-102.

Lopez, R Jaime, Mukaire, PE, and Mataya, R. (2015). “Characteristics of youth sexual and reproductive health and risky behaviors in two rural provinces of Cambodia”Journal of Reproductive Health. 2015, September, 12:83. DOI: 10.1186/s12978-015-0052-5

Herring, RP & Mukaire, PE. (2015). How Food and Beverage Safe is Your School?  Journal of Adventist Education. October/November 2015. Volume 78, Issue 1. http://circle.adventist.org/browse/resource.phtml?leaf=27195

McKinney O, Pearce Daniel, Muula A, Mataya Ronald, Banta Jim, Crounse James, Mukaire PE, and Matipwiri P. (2016). Evaluation of Pill Counts Adherence with Self -Reported Adherence in Assessing Antiretroviral Therapy Behavior of Women living with HIV at a Faith-based Clinic in Malawi. HIV Current Research Journal. 2016, 1:120



Current Research Projects

  • HIV with other Chronic Disease Narratives in Rural Patients
  • Gender-based Violence in the Church: Perspectives and Responses
  • Maternal and Child Nutrition – using local food blends to improve nutrition outcomes
  • Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices regarding hypertension, diabetes and gynecological cancers
  • Experiences of Disability, Pregnancy and Early Motherhood -Health Outcome Implications
  • Aging and Wellness in Rural Communities
  • Cultural Practices around New Infectious Diseases – Ebola
  • USA African Immigrant Community Health
  • Mentoring as an Educational Tool for Public Health Students and Community Health Workers


Past Research Projects

USA based

  • Community-based participatory research for emergency preparedness capacity development in low income predominantly monolingual Spanish speaking Latino communities
  • The Adventists Health Study 2 – Community Gardening Project to Reduce the Risk Hypertension and Diabetes
  • California Health Interview Survey Binge Drinking Study
  • School Health – Food Safety


  • HIV/AIDS Lived Experiences of Young People in Uganda.
  • Child Spacing and Community-based Distribution of Contraceptives - Depo-Provera Task shifting of Depo-Provera to Community Health Workers - Uganda
  • Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention among Adolescents and Adults Living with HIV – Multiple Research and Intervention Strategies - Uganda
  • Maternal and Child Nutrition and Malaria Study- Zambia
  • Adolescent Lifestyle and Reproductive Health Behavior Study- Cambodia
  • Healthcare Provider Use and Compliance with WHO 2010 Infant Feeding Guidelines in the HIV Context in Uganda



Accepted Professional Presentation Papers

APHA Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA. November 4-8th, 2017

  • Pamela Mukaire,Frais Janide,Ogboci McKinney, (2017), “Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Ebola Disease among Secondary School Students in Busoga, Uganda."

The Food Studies Research Network Conference, Rome, Italy, October 26th – 27th 2017

  • Pamela Mukaire, (2017) "Food Availability, Access and Variety among Mothers with Children Under Twenty four Months in Rural Uganda.'
  • Ogbochi, Pamela and Levi, (2017) "Disability and Mental Health Status as Barriers to Food Security amongCalifornia Residents."


Presented Professional Research Papers

Western Region Public Health Training Center’s virtual Conference on Incorporating Public Health Skills to Improve Quality of Life: Examples from Native American Food Systems – August, 24th 2017.

  • Pamela Mukaire(2017), “Local Women Fighting Child Malnutrition with Improved Complementary Food using Traditional Porridge in Rural Uganda” would be a great addition to the conference.”


APHA Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado. October 29-November 2, 2016

  • Pamela Mukaire,Patience Anyikwa, Ifeyinwa, Linda Zewude Tesfaye, and Phyllis Joy Mukaire, (2016), “24 Hour Recall Child Food Intake and Household Food Inventory of Food Availability and Variety among Mothers with Children Under 24 Months in Rural Uganda.”
  • Pamela Mukaire(2016), “An assessment of challenges facing women with disabilities in accessing pregnancy health services and early motherhood support in rural Uganda.”
  • Pamela Mukaire, Patience Anyikwa, Ifeyinwa, Tobechukwu. J Udeigbo, and Linda Zewude Tesfaye, (2016), “Knowledge of diabetes risk factors and prevention among an adult population in the Jinja suburban town of Uganda.”
  • Pamela Mukaire, Martrice Bethany Williams and Thais Jardim, (2016), “Observational study of cell phone use and other distracted driver behaviors among Virginia college student drivers.”
  • Pamela Mukaire, and Rebekah Ndinda Ngewa,(2016), “Cultural values of virginity: Implications for Pap-smear testing among African immigrant women in the U.S.”

USCAIRH -United States Conference on African Immigrant and Refugee Health, New York City, September 15-18, 2016

  • Pamela Mukaire,Rebekah Ndinda Ngewa, and Margaret Korto,(2016), “Young Adults Health and Wellbeing: A window into the Lives of America's African Immigrant Youth.” (Oral Presentation)
  • Ogbochi McKinney, Dominick Sturz, Pamela Mukaire, (2016), "Effectiveness of the Medical Response Teams to the EBOLA Outbreak in West Africa: Perceptions of African immigrants in the U.S."

Christian Connections for International Health 30th Annual Conference, Maryland, June 18, 2016

  • Pamela Mukaire, (2016), “A Review of Church-Based Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Programs.”

Northwest Regional Conference on African Immigrant Health, Seattle, WA. March 19-20, 2016

  • Pamela Mukaire(2016), “African Immigrant Women's Attitudinal Beliefs and Experiences of Pap Smear Screening in the U.S a mixed study.”(Oral presentation).

Community Stakeholders Joined in Dialogue and Action, RIBHO, Jinja, Uganda. March 12-15, 2016

  • Pamela Mukaire(2016), “Community Centered Chronic Disease Prevention, Busoga.”
  • Pamela Mukaire(2016), “Chronic Disease Burden in the Busoga: Addressing Data Gaps.”
  • Pamela Mukaire(2016), “Church, Clinical and Community Health Intervention Model for Chronic Disease Prevention.”

Church Membership / Activities

McClean Bible Church

Community Service / Involvement

  • Equipping the local church as a center for health promotion – Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan
  • Working with local women leaders to produce, fortify and distribute food to food insecure household with children under age 5 – Uganda

Interests / Hobbies / Travel / Family

Interests/ Hobbies

I enjoy boating, biking, baking, knitting, cooking and watching old movies based on real life stories.



I have been blessed to visit - Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, South Sudan, UK, Holland, Canada, France, and more ...



I was born and raised in a really really really large Ugandan family.

Personal Quote / Scripture / Philosophy of Education

Psalms 18 and 23 are absolute favorites.