Joshua Knabb

Joshua Knabb, Psy.D., ABPP

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Office Phone: (951) 343-3937
Email: jknabb@calbaptist.edu
Department: Behavioral Sciences
Office Location: Tyler Plaza
Office Hours: By Appointment


Degree Major Emphasis Institution Date
Psy.D. Clinical Psychology Azusa Pacific University (APA Accredited) 2010
M.A. Clinical Psychology Azusa Pacific University 2007
B.S. Business and Management University of Redlands 2005

Additional Education

Board Certified in Clinical Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)

Fellow, American Academy of Clinical Psychology (AACP)

Core Skills Advanced Training, International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT)

Licensed Psychologist, State of California (License Number PSY 24736)

Pre-Doctoral Internship, Philhaven Hospital, Mount Gretna, Pennsylvania (APA Accredited)

Classes Taught

PSY 320 Life-Span Development

PSY 322 Theories of Personality

PSY 325 Tests and Measurements

PSY 328 Cognitive Psychology

PSY 346 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 422 Theories of Counseling 

PSY 473 Psychophysiology

PSY 505 MFT Counseling Theory

PSY 510 Human Growth and Development

PSY 520 Human Communication in Group Process

PSY 530 Advanced Research Methodology

PSY 535 Advanced Psychopathology

PSY 540 Psychodiagnostics

PSY 555 Practicum I

PSY 560 Professional Ethics and Law

PSY 570 Practicum II

PSY 580 Family Therapy I

PSY 595 Psychopharmacology

PSY 598a Addictions Counseling

Academic Areas / Scholarly Interests

Clinical psychology; psychological assessment; psychology of religion; marriage and the family; attachment theory; mindfulness-based therapies

Teaching Experience at Institutions Other than CBU

Teaching Assistant in the Department of Graduate Psychology at Azusa Pacific University

Research, Presentations, and Publications

Peer-Reviewed Books/Book Chapters:

Knabb, J., & Frederick, T. (in press). Contemplative prayer for Christians with chronic worry: An eight-week program. New York: Routledge.

Knabb, J. (in press). Acceptance and commitment therapy for Christian clients: A faith-based workbook. New York: Routledge.

Knabb, J., & Meador, K. (2016). A theological lens for integrating ACT with conceptions of health, healing, and human flourishing. In J. Nieuwsma, R. Walser, & S. Hayes (Eds.), ACT for clergy and pastoral counselors: Using acceptance and commitment therapy to bridge psychological and spiritual care. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

Knabb, J. (2016). Faith-based ACT for Christian clients: An integrative treatment approach. New York: Routledge.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

Knabb, J., Frederick, T., & Cumming, G. (2016). Surrendering to God’s providence: A three-part study on providence-focused therapy for recurrent worry (PFT-RW). Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. Advanced online publication.

Knabb, J., & Pelletier, J. (2014). 'A cord of three strands is not easily broken': An empirical investigation of attachment-based small group functioning in the Christian church. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 42, 343-358.

Knabb, J. (2014). A preliminary investigation of the relationship between religion and marital adjustment among Christian adults from a conservative denomination. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 33, 263-276.

Knabb, J., Pelletier, J., & Grigorian-Routon, A. (2014). Towards a psychological understanding of servanthood: An empirical investigation of the relationship between orthodox beliefs, experiential avoidance, and self-sacrificial behaviors among Christians at a religiously-affiliated university. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 42, 269-283.

Knabb, J., & Grigorian-Routon, A. (2014). The role of experiential avoidance in the relationship between faith maturity, religious coping, and psychological adjustment among Christian university students. Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 17, 458-469.

Knabb, J., & Pelletier, J. (2014). The relationship between problematic Internet use, psychological functioning, and God attachment among adults at a Christian university. Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 17, 239-251.

Knabb, J., & Pelletier, J. (2013). The effects of parental divorce on God image among young adults at a Christian university. Marriage & Family Review, 49, 231-250.

Knabb, J., Vogt, R., Gibbel, M., & Brickley, D. (2012). An empirical investigation of the relationship between clinical personality patterns and marital functioning. Couple and Family Psychology: Research and Practice, 1, 66-77.

Knabb, J., & Vogt, R. (2011). The relationship between personality and marital satisfaction among distressed married couples seen in intensive marital therapy: An actor-partner interdependence model analysis. Contemporary Family Therapy, 33, 417-440. 

Knabb, J., Vogt, R., & Newgren, K. (2011). MMPI-2 characteristics of the Old Order Amish: A comparison of clinical, nonclinical, and United States normative samples. Psychological Assessment, 23, 865-875. 

Knabb, J., & Vogt, R. (2011). Assessing Old Order Amish outpatients with the MCMI-III. Journal of Personality Assessment, 93, 290-299. 

Knabb, J., Vogt, R., Brickley, D., & Newgren, K. (2011). Personality typologies for conservative Christians in intensive marital therapy. Marriage & Family Review, 47, 23-44. 

Church Membership / Activities

The Grove Community Church, Riverside, California

Community Service / Involvement

Individual and couples therapy at the Grove Corner Counseling Center: thegrove.cc/counseling

Interests / Hobbies / Travel / Family

Hobbies include spending time with my family, writing, running, and watching documentaries

Personal Quote / Scripture / Philosophy of Education

"If anyone proved to me that Christ was not the truth, and it really was a fact that the truth was not in Christ, I would rather be with Christ than with the truth" Fyodor Dostoyevsky