Associate Vice President of Technology

Our vision is to work towards providing seamless access to information, resources, and services that will enhance and support the learning experience through the use of innovative technology. To accomplish this, we are utilizing a technology convergence model to build new infrastructures that will help create environments and conditions that allows for the cultivation of creative and innovative ideas from students, faculty, and staff utilizing technology.

Given the future of online learning, significant trends in the use of high-definition video plays an important part in a, mostly, asynchronous and text-based environment. This technology adds an engagement component that contributes to learning effectiveness in both in-person and online teaching. Successful delivery of this technology is dependent on a scalable, fast, secure, and solid infrastructure. Such infrastructure is also essential in the delivery of other technologies such as wireless, classroom multi-media, security, student information, and communications systems. In collaboration with constituencies on campus and partnerships with businesses, we strive towards being at the forefront of technology and providing excellent service.

The human resources frame is an important lens in technology as systems are created, managed, and used by people. Human knowledge and motivation are critical components of productivity. When combined with good institutional culture, soul, and spirit, the result is a wellspring of high performance. Aristotle viewed one’s life as a whole, inseparable from personal or business. This holistic belief in developing an entire person is what CBU is committed to – helping you to Live Your Purpose.

Dr. Tran Hong
Associate Vice President of Technology
Phone: 951.343.3907

Information Technology Staff