Video Conferencing Requirements

Requirement #1: Desktop or Laptop Computer

  • PC requirements
    • Operating system
      • Windows 7 or later
    • Memory
      • 4 GB RAM or higher.
    • Graphics card
      • OpenGL version 1.3, or OpenGL version 1.2 with the multi-texturing extension.
    • Sound card
      • Any standard sound card (full-duplex, 16-bit or better).
    • Notes
      • On computers with limited processing power and/or memory, Jabber Video will use a lot of system resources, and reduced performance can be expected.
      • On Windows 8, only the classic Desktop user interface is supported.
  • Mac OS X requirements
    • Operating system
      • Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
    • Memory
      • 4 GB RAM or higher

Requirement #2: HD Webcam

Note: Specific webcam requirements may be in place for specific courses. Please contact the course instructor for details.

Requirement #3: Computer speakers and microphone or headset with microphone

Note: Some webcams have built-in microphones. Please refer to the webcam’s instruction manual for more information.

Requirement #4: Broadband/high speed internet

  • Use to check existing connection speed
    1. Browse to
    2. Click the “BEGIN TEST” button. The test may take 1-2 minutes to complete.
    3. Observe the results of the test and confirm that speeds are equal to or greater than 3 mbps* upload and 3 mbps* download.

Requirement #5: Cisco Jabber Video Software

Download Cisco Jabber Video by clicking on the links below and follow the steps:

For PC click here
For Mac OS X click here

  1. Download the and unzip the file
  2. Follow the on screen instructions for installation
  3. Open the program and click on the setting button that looks like crossed wrench and screwdriver, located above the “sign in” button
  4. Choose sign in settings from the drop down menu and add the following information:

    Internal Server:
    External Server:
    SIP Domain:

    Click OK

  5. Use the Username: guest
    And the Password: 12345

Contact Joseph Cameron, Online Learning Systems Administrator at for software installation assistance.

Technical Support Information

  • Contact Joseph Cameron, Online Learning Systems Administrator at 951.343.3922 or for technical assistance.

* = megabits per second