Induction Tuition Scholarship

CBU Online knows that K-12 education plays an important role in student success in higher education and in life. To help prepare California teachers for the task of readying students for their future, CBU Online offers 30% tuition Scholarship and 12-units of credit towards a Master of Education for those who have completed an induction program approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC).

If you have completed, or are working toward, a CTC approved induction program, then you can receive:

  • 30% Tuition Scholarship
  • 6 units awarded after completion of each year of induction and upon submission of relevant documentation (12 units total)
  • 12 units apply towards the following program:
    • MSE – Administrative Services (requires completion of Clear Administrative Services Credential)
    • MSE – Curriculum and Instruction (requires completion of California Clear Credential)
    • MSE – Special Education (requires completion of California Clear Credential)
    • MSE – Special Education –Preliminary Intern (M/M or M/S Education Specialist Credential)

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